Renault’s Lundgaard joins F2’s growing roster of rookies with ART

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Renault junior driver Christian Lundgaard has joined a growing roster of new drivers on the Formula 2 grid for 2020.

Lundgaard, who placed sixth in Formula 3 last year with ART, will stay with the team for his step up to Formula 2. He will partner Ferrari-backed driver Marcus Armstrong, who is also making the step up from F3.

Five other drivers have already confirmed they will start their first full season of F2 this year, including Armstrong’s fellow Ferrari Driver Academy member and F3 champion Robert Shwartzman.

Yuki Tsunoda, who is backed by Honda, will drive for Carlin. Williams junior Dan Ticktum, who made two F2 starts at the end of 2018, has been confirmed at DAMS. The two other newcomers are Pedro Piquet at Charouz and Felipe Drugovich with MP.

Nine seats are yet to be filled on this year’s F2 grid, which has expanded following the addition of newcomers Hitech. However another Williams-backed driver, Roy Nissany, is expected to take one of the two seats at Trident.

2020 Formula 2 driver line-up so far

DAMSSean Gelael
DAMSDan TicktumFirst full season
VirtuosiCallum Ilott
ARTMarcus ArmstrongFirst full season
ARTChristian LundgaardFirst full season
CarlinYuki TsunodaFirst full season
CharouzLouis Deletraz
CharouzPedro PiquetFirst full season
MP MotorsportFelipe DrugovichFirst full season
MP MotorsportTBA
HWAGiuliano Alesi
HWAArtem Markelov
PremaMick Schumacher
PremaRobert ShwartzmanFirst full season

Update: Shortly after this article was published Virtuosi announced Renault junior driver Guanyu Zhou will continue to drive for them in 2020, alongside Callum Ilott.

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  • 12 comments on “Renault’s Lundgaard joins F2’s growing roster of rookies with ART”

    1. Wouldn’t saying that Roy Nissany is a Williams backer, instead of saying he is backed by the team, be more accurate?

      Dams will be interesting to watch. I guess we can take Gelael as the minimum bar Tickum should be ahead of, and then, Dan can impress us by showing both speed and consistency while refraining from outbursts.

      For the rest, we’ll have to wait and see whether Schumacher starts picking up with more experience and whether he will be under pressure from Shwartzmann

      1. Well, and I hope we get to see some further progress/development from the duo at Virtuosi, since both these drivers showed promise.

    2. F2 has quite the grid for 2020

      And look at those intra-team battlers

      Mick vs Shwartzman
      Lundgaard vs Armstrong (Lundgaard was very impressive last year considering it was his first taste of F3 machinery)
      Illiot vs Zhou (just confirmed, Zhou is definitly a contender for the title)

      And I’m curious to know what Ticktum will do

      1. I think these drivers have a real shot at F1 seats when the generation of Grosjean, PĂ©rez, Magnussen and Vettel retires. And when papa Stroll loses patience, of course.

        1. Magnussen is 27. A bit earlie to retire…

          1. I know, but I think he’s a similar case like Perez. Failed to deliver when he’d got a chance at McLaren, moved to a midfield team and completely wrote himself off last year with constant rumblings. He’s got no future with a better team and other midfield teams would be also reluctant to hire him with his reputation.

            1. Perez is so underrated, it is unvelievable

              Have you seen his 2019 season?

              Have you seen the drivers he outlerformed?

              His solely season at McLaren does not define his talent. The guy is good and rate him at the level of Bottas if I’m honest

            2. Perez has now had several solid seasons and I rate him highly; my comment and the part about rumblings concerned only Magnussen. However, Perez himself has acknowledged in one of the recent interviews that there’s no chance for him to move into the top team and 2022 might be the last season for him. Like it or not, a McLaren year has proved decisive for his career, even if it wasn’t down to his drives and the car was quite poor; he missed the chance to wait a little and possibly move to Ferrari and the later development on the driver market didn’t offer him any other possibility to climb higher, now he’s a bit old for it.

    3. I know it’s unrealistic and Renault surely won’t try to set up it’s own B-team or something of that sort, but just think of the talents they have in their junior programme. Ocon got the seat and there are Aitken, Zhou and Ludgaard on the sidelines. And we tragically lost Hubert, that shouldn’t be forgotten. I want to see that team continue just for the new names it might bring to F1.

    4. Rashmil Rajagopalan
      29th January 2020, 2:39

      Pity to see Jehan Daruvala with no seat in Formula 2 nor Formula 3, yet.

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        29th January 2020, 13:01

        And a shame we wont see Juri Vips battle it out against this field

    5. I hope to see Verschoor (Macau winner) to be announced as second driver at MP Motersport!

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