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Would you like to be at Silverstone to see the first F1 race on the revised track next week?

F1 Fanatic has a pair of tickets to this year’s British Grand Prix for one lucky reader to win.

See below for details of how to enter the competition and more ways to win tickets for the race.

F1 Fanatic British Grand Prix competition

For your chance to win a pair of general admission tickets to the British Grand Prix, answer this question:

In which year did Johnny Herbert win the British Grand Prix?

Send in your answer along with your name and email address using the form below:

This competition is now closed

Competition terms and conditions

1. Maximum one entry per household.
2. The competition is not open to employees, friends or family of F1 Fanatic or Silverstone Circuit
3. In the event of a dispute the editor?s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
4. No cash alternative is offered for any of the prizes.
5. Closing date: Midnight on 4th July 2010.
6. Entries must be sent using the form above.
7. Winners will be notified by email within 48 hours of the closing date. Tickets will be collected at the gate.

Silverstone British Grand Prix competition

Silverstone are giving away more tickets to this year’s British Grand Prix.

See their Twitter page or their Facebook page for details on how to enter.

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  • 25 comments on “Win British GP tickets with F1 Fanatic”

    1. I hope to win this time around, not that i am very lucky with this kind of things, but you never know!

    2. Chris Powell
      30th June 2010, 13:21

      haha. The jig is up!

    3. LucaBadoerFan
      30th June 2010, 13:30

      i’ve entered, for what it’s worth. i know my chances of winning are slim, but there you go, :D

    4. Got to buy a ticket to win the raffle!

    5. Ned Flanders
      30th June 2010, 13:58

      I wrote an article for this site. Therefore by rights I deserve those tickets!

      1. One might say Ned that as you wrote an Article for the site you are classified as a;

        2. The competition is not open to employees, friends or family of F1 Fanatic or Silverstone Circuit

        But i wont say anything! Good Luck

        1. Haha damn! Now if I win it’s going to look a bit suspicious…

          1. If you win Ned, we will have to cry foul and post hundreds of comments discussing the manipulation of this competition ;-)

            1. We’ll also demand slow motion aerial shots of him posting on the computer to properly prove it.

    6. Please can I win it? I do enjoy the occasional GP

    7. Lets see who’s Lucky….I’ve entered too

    8. I have never been to a GP before, or Britain for that matter. Wishing the best for the gold!!!

    9. so what happens if a few thousand of us gert the right answer Keith?

      1. Rob Gallagher
        30th June 2010, 15:35

        I’d imagine Keith is choosing the winner by a random number generator or some such device, the number being drawn being how many posts have been before it.

    10. I haven’t entered, so I’m increasing everyone’s chances. That is the sort of chap I am.

    11. I could do with some luck this year. Fingers crossed!

      Good luck everyone else!

    12. Good luck peeps- as I am going to Spa then someone other deserves a chance!

    13. I would enter, but im already going, so i have also decided to increase everybody elses chances by not entering. What a jolly good chap i am.

    14. HounslowBusGarage
      30th June 2010, 22:01

      If I was so lucky as to win . . .
      I’d take my brother, who despite being a bigger F1 fan than me, has never actually been to a Grand Prix.
      A few years ago, he got into terrible trouble with his wife, for trying to listen in to commentary on a far east GP in bed, whilst she (supposedly) slept.
      A few weeks later he tried to do the same on a test cricket match and Theresa beat him soundly around the head.
      Teach him, but you’ve got to admire his enthusiasm or dedication, or stupidity.

      1. Poor man his only mistake was the cricket.

    15. My wife won’t be happy if I win, considering a) I’m off to Brands for WTCC/F2 the following weekend. b) It’s her birthday on 10th Jul!
      But she knows that she’d have to let me go!

    16. never been able to afford to go to a GP. closest I got so far was 1992 qualy. heres hoping

    17. keith maybe you should make a question that even google can’t find the answer


      I’m pass on this one, maybe next competition perhaps

    18. Elisabeth Barnwell
      3rd July 2010, 19:49

      would love to go to it always watch on tv

    19. so who won the Keith?

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